Isaac and Jason

Two writers, regular dudes, and their thoughts on the world.

Jason Wilson


Born as humanity neared the mid 1980s, Jason dithered about before realizing the creative life was the one for him. 

Stories are at the core of everything. It inspired him to pursue a degree in journalism and to work in filmmaking, as well in the creation of his first novel, "Welcome to Oak Grove," with Isaac Thompson.  He has written feature stories and columns for a variety of publications including the Bugle-Observer, Daily Gleaner, AgelessNB, and Pretty Clever Films.

Currently based in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Jason has traveled and lived abroad. He taught English Literature at the Canadian International School of Beijing in 2012-2013 and again from 2014-2015.

His love for films is undying. It all began when he saw Goodfellas at 13. Since then, he has watched voraciously.

Some of his favourite things: Writing, The St. Louis Cardinals, driving, the Coen Brothers, Spain, Ernest Hemingway, the ocean. 

Here are a few writing samples:

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Isaac Thompson

 As a young man, Isaac ventured down to the crossroads to sell his soul to the Devil - in exchange for unearthly artistic skills - but he forgot to bring a pen. Unable to sign the contract, Isaac was forced to make do with what limited faculties he hadn’t already drowned in beer and TV.

He found the Devil to be quite rude but thought he had nice teeth.

He’s been involved in various creative projects throughout his life. He’s co-written plays, made comic books, played in rock bands, directed short films, designed posters, written short stories and completed a novel with Jason Wilson.

To him, creativity is a compulsion, maybe even an addiction. He hopes you like it but it wouldn’t stop him if you didn’t.

He has many loves: Writing, reading, drawing, music, horror movies, tacos, Stephen King, animals, stand-up comedy, dinosaurs, television, science, history, caffeine, potato chips and spending time with all of the cool people in his life.

He’s not at all uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person. He kind of likes it.