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Episode 9 - Doug Lewis

And after long last, I have returned. 

When I lived in Beijing, China, from September, 2012 until June, 2013, I met a load of fascinating and wonderful people. One of these is artist and art teacher Doug Lewis. He has his own studio in Beijing and has been living in China for many years now.

We had spoken off and on about his life prior to China and somehow, I think we met up in Vietnam over Christmas, decided to record something.I wanted something in radio because Doug can tell a good story and this would ensure his voice was preserved for the occasion. We had to record it twice. The first time, something went wrong and not a word was salvaged despite getting a ton of good copy. The second go around had me worried because I recorded it on my school Macbook, and I expected it to sound horrible. Well, for the most part, it sounds okay...not great, but this was before I got my recording equipment.

At any rate, it's a great chat that gets very candid. Some of the things we talk about may not be suitable for younger listeners. Listener discretion is strongly advised.