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Tell Me Something


Podcasts, interviews, talking to people, hearing their stories.  These are the things that have thrilled me in recent memory. On August, 2013, I hosted Tell Me Something (alternately, Storytellers Anonymous) at the Dooryard Arts Festival in Woodstock, New Brunswick. Seven storytellers took the stage that evening and shared their stories based on Loss/lost, discovery, and fear. I shared, and I will continue to share. Here, I will post these wonderful tales I hold dearly. 

Update (Oct. 19): Second story was told by Katelin Dean and focuses on the notions of discovery and also fear when her young niece took sick.  

Update (Oct. 26): Third story was told by CBC Radio journalist, and author of the books Imaginary Line, Beaverbrook: A Shattered Legacy, and more, Jacques Poitras. He tells his tale of losing his camera while in Iran. It's a fantastic story full of international intrigue...okay, no espionage involved, but certainly some fish out of water elements. Enjoy!

Update (Nov. 9): David Cadogan, former newspaper publisher, joined us for a tale of discovery set at an asylum and a Santa Claus parade.  

Update (Nov. 27): After a bit of a break, I have uploaded two stories. The first, from Dr. Jane McLean, talks of a personal item she thought was lost for good. One thing Jane asked me to mention, she misspeaks at one point when she says her brother called her 1999. He actually called her in 2009.

In addition, John P. Rairdon tells a story that could combine all three themes of fear, discovery and loss/lost in a variety of ways.

The Starting Point

In 2012, I started a podcast called The Starting Point. It was designed to be an audio capsule of conversations. My guest and I would have a topic and freely discuss it. Sometimes, like in episode 1, it was very pointed and specific. In episode 2, we went all over the place, but in a very smooth manner.

In the first episode of the Starting Point, I talk with journalist, publisher, teacher, and politician Theresa Blackburn about the struggles of starting up a magazine, moving from place to place pursuing a career in journalism and various other aspects of life. Her magazine, "Ageless NB," is available in stores throughout New Brunswick and has published many issues for nearly two years. In fact, I appeared in it when I returned from China.


Jason and Theresa recording the first episode of The Starting Point.

Jason and Theresa recording the first episode of The Starting Point.

In episode 2 I sat down with Kyle Dupont, a journalist and obsessed reader, for a conversation about the glory of reading. We discussed various enjoyments and pet peeves about the book industry and what authors have spoken to them most profoundly through their work. A great listen for anyone who reads.