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I (Jason) have a penchant for taking pictures from time to time. I'll use this space to post random photos I have on my hard drive. Some will be new, and some will be old. I'll likely rotate which one is at the top.



I lived in China for ten months. While I didn't make it to some landmarks, I would have kicked myself repeatedly had I not gone to the Great Wall. My group of colleagues and I went to the Mutaniyu section of the wall, which is well kept and normally one with higher levels of traffic. Fortunately for us, it was a slightly cool day with a little rain. It wasn't too wet, though and it was one of the most incredible places I've ever seen.


Over Christmas vacation 2012-2013 I spent two weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia. This included time in Saigon and Mui Ne through coffee shops, museums, tunnels, and sand dunes. The above series documents a part of this adventure. Click through them at your leisure and feel free to let me know what your think.